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Greetings   Web   Surfers!!

So you came by to see something different? Well, I hope I can offer that to you. This is a no frills, easy-on-the-graphics webpage devoted to my favorite interests, and passions (no - no x-rated things - this is a family channel). I don't have any family photos, but I have a lot of links to information that I enjoy and/or use on a regular basis. Now you might be wondering who I am and why I felt the need to bore you with these details... (If you are not wondering, please scroll down for some nifty links). I am Rachael Greenberg. I currently reside in Missoula, Montana, which is the most beautiful place I have lived. I got here via Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Colorado. I have a degree in theatre technology and design from California State University, Dominguez Hills. I currently am not pursuing a career in that. I had to choose between living in a peaceful place or going for those theatre gigs and I have chosen the peaceful lifestyle for now. Lady Thea is a name that is derived from my persona in the Society for Creative Anachronism. If there is anything else you want to know, or if you have any comments about these pages, please feel free to email me. Hope you enjoy, and please check back periodically - I am constantly finding new things to add here.

My Interests and Hobbies

Lady Thea's SCA World:
Theatre and Costuming Stuff:

Internet and Web Stuff

a free web based organizer - like a day-runner only better!
Stop Spamming!
It is the curse of the Internet, after all!
The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Get this garbage outta my inbox!!!
Starting Point
A new and slightly different search engine
My other favorite search engine

Other Stuff

The Polly Klaas Foundation
Barnes and Noble Booksellers
Awesome store - find one near you! They let you BROWSE!
San Francisco Museum for Modern Art
Been there, liked that!
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
Another cool place to visit.
Catalog Link
Order free retail catalogs by computer!
National Endowment for the Arts
Support the arts! Find out how!

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