My Snazzy List of Costuming Links

Elizabethan Costuming
A more historical view on Elizabethan costuming
Costuming for Renaissance Faires
Information on RenFaire costuming that can also be applied to SCA usage.
The Costume Page
Excellent resource for theatrical cotuming!
Milieux:The Costume Site
Another fun one. Great for surfing!
Dharma Trading
My (so far) favorite source for dyestuffs and fabric painting supplies
Museum of Costume, Bath, UK
Yoshiwara's Costume and Fashion Site
Well researched, lots of useful stuff!

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Costuming and Craft Information

I have been interested in sewing and crafts since I learned them from my mother and grandmother when I was very small. More recently, I have done costuming in the theatre (in high school and college), and in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I also am trying to learn fabric dyeing and painting, as well as card weaving and other textile arts. The links on this page are mostly ones that I have found which appeal to my specific interests. If you know of any others that would apply to the areas of interest I have indicated, please email me and let me know. Hope you enjoy!!

Rachael Greenberg
Missoula, Montana
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